Volttage Bachelor of the Month – July

Once a month VolttageBuzz will feature one of our “Positively Sexy” Volttage members.

Our very first eligible bachelor is 27 year old Keith Boyer from Houston, Texas. Keith was sweet enough to respond to my brief interview request filled with fun frivolous questions. Find out more about Keith below and if you would like to contact him he is PaganPunkpoet on Volttage.com (Join now! Hint hint) and he is also on Facebook. Happy hunting!

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HIVplus Magazine: “Jack of All Trades”

I am featured in an article along with legends Greg Louganis, Peter Staley, Rudy Galindo and Andrew Sullivan. Such an honor! Interview by Diane Anderson-Minshall for HIV Plus Magazine You wear a lot of hats. Describe yourself. HAHA!! Yes I do. Hopefully very stylish hats. You described me pretty well. I would move “activist” to the front of the line because that’s what I am most proud of and activism and HIV awareness is what I’m really focusing my energy… Read more

Volttage.com Launch Party at Ritz Bar in NYC

Volttage.com had our first POZ party with social groups SIN NYC (Strength in Numbers) and Positive Alliance at Ritz bar in New York and it was a huge success! Volltage.com is a new dating/hookup/networking website for HIV+ men. We gave away over 200 VOLTTAGE t-shirts and the turnout was really impressive. Our amazing photographer Andrew Werner was only there for an hour but below are some of the guys who attended. A special thanks to David Llewellyn of SIN Josh… Read more

Can Poz Men Be Sexy?

by Alex Garner via FrontiersLA.com This week was the launch of the new HIV dating/hook up-site called Volttage. This new site promise to be a place where you can find, “positively sexy guys online.” Sounds perfect, right? The site was created by the sexy and poz Jack Mackenroth and the ads feature a mix of hunky poz guys. So are poz men sexy again? Did they ever stop being sexy? And what does it mean when HIV-positive guys are sexualized… Read more