POZ Magazine: The Sound of Stigma by Mark S. King

I LOVE Mark S. King and I respect his unedited, unabashed way in which he addresses all topics HIV. His recent piece on HIV stigma is no exception. Why do we feel the need to judge anything “other”? Some of my favorite quotes from the article are below.  Stigma lets us take comfort in seeing things in others about which, we believe, they must be ashamed. It is a lazy way to feel better about ourselves—and therefore a popular human activity—and gay… Read more

Mark S. King: Is there Pride in being HIV Positive?

Note from Jack: I LOVE Mark King. Check out his blog. During my new video blog episode, below, someone asks me incredulously if I would actually march down the street telling people I was HIV positive. Well, actually, I would. And have. Many Gay Pride parades ago, in 1994, I marched while wearing a t-shirt that said “NO ONE KNOWS I’M HIV POSITIVE.” This was prior to the advent of protease inhibitors, when many were still dying. The shirt felt like… Read more