Jack’s Interview on “What’s My Name”

In May 2013, Volttage co-founder Jack Mackintosh was interviewed by Chemda on her weekly show What’s My Name.

Chemda and Jack talk candidly about Jack’s life before Project Runway, the audition process, living with HIV, dating when HIV Positive, and (of course) his involvement with Volttage.com and VolttageBuzz.com. The discussion included a look into Jack’s life you might not have known about from other interviews.

To show her support of VolttageBuzz.com, Chemda has graciously allowed us to post the entire interview here on the site. Take a listen. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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LIfeBall 2013 Recap: 1001 Arabian Nights

This past Memorial day weekend I attended my first LifeBall in Vienna, Austria. I had heard the legendary stories and seen the amazing photos of previous years but the sheer enormity of the event can only be experienced in person. Lifeball is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event and celebration in Europe and the costume ball is the most extravagant production I have ever been a part of. The Saturday party is held in the capital building pictured below and the grandeur of the production can not be overstated. From start to finish it was unbelievable.

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HIVplus Magazine: “Jack of All Trades”

I am featured in an article along with legends Greg Louganis, Peter Staley, Rudy Galindo and Andrew Sullivan. Such an honor! Interview by Diane Anderson-Minshall for HIV Plus Magazine You wear a lot of hats. Describe yourself. HAHA!! Yes I do. Hopefully very stylish hats. You described me pretty well. I would move “activist” to the front of the line because that’s what I am most proud of and activism and HIV awareness is what I’m really focusing my energy… Read more

Effie Magazine: Monsieur Butterfly Jack Mackenroth

by F. E. Cornejo, Editor in Chief Effie Magazine. Jack Mackenroth lives the turbulence, transformations and pageantry of a butterfly and the opera called life. He may not have the colorful wings of a monarch butterfly or look like the Japanese heroine of Puccini’s opera, but the events his life parallel the stories of both creatures. Puccini originally set the opera in two acts, but it wasn’t well received. Mackenroth had also planned his life a certain way, until love and life happened…. Read more

Puppets Now Apparently At Risk For HIV

In the U.S. more than one million people are living with HIV, one in five are unaware they’re infected, there are approximately 50,000 new infections each year and sexually active gay men are still the most at risk for HIV infection in the U.S. You probably wouldn’t be aware of those facts by watching television these days. It’s been several years since a major TV character on a scripted American series dealt with HIV infection. ER had physician’s assistant Jeanie… Read more

Jack featured in “M” Magazine for the Modern Man

Volttage co-owner and creator Jack Mackenroth was featured on this month’s eddition of South African M: For The Modern Man. Check out the interview, starting on Page 29. [issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fdark%2Flayout.xml showflipbtn=true documentid=130216073731-a71f98cf8ef249a1a5ec65170eb5e740 docname=m3digimag username=mmagazineza loadinginfotext=M%20Magazine%20-%20M3 showhtmllink=false tag=bisexual width=600 height=424 unit=px]

Photographer Jorge Rivas’ “Faces Of Life” HIV Project

Last week I took part in an HIV awareness photography project called “Faces Of Life” by the mega talented Jorge Rivas. He is based out of Dallas, Texas and all of his work, as well as the campaign photos, is stunning. As most of you know I’ve been HIV positive for a very long time (23 years) and I know that the only way to fight the stigma is through visibility and honesty. I think visual campaigns like Faces Of… Read more

Let’s Get Real: Reality TV and HIV

For the past few years reality television has offered up at least half a dozen HIV-positive role models. Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth and Mondo Guerra, Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jamar Rogers from The Voice, David Munk on Sundance’s Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and John Gray from Bravo’s Top Design are not only accomplished in their careers, but many are also advocates for research and education, and speak out often against HIV stigma and discrimination. At 2011’s U.S. Conference on AIDS, Mackenroth and Guerra promoted the Living Positive by Design campaign, sponsored by Merck. The two entrepreneurs talked with convention attendees about how people with HIV can maintain a positive outlook on life and how important it is to keep up with doctor’s appointments. Guerra, who won this year’s Project Runway All Stars, even participated in one of the conference’s most high-profile discussions.

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