Premature Aging Hits Longtime HIV+ reports that some longtime HIV patients are experiencing symptoms of aging long before those ailments normally appear. Patients are coming down with diseases and conditions most associated with aging even when their HIV is well controlled – even when the antiretroviral drugs used to treat it make the virus essentially undetectable in the blood, and by nearly all accounts a patient’s immune system is strong and stable. They are having heart attacks and strokes in their 50s or 60s. They’re developing… Read more

Fact and Fiction about starting HIV Treatment

Some common misperceptions about HIV treatment: Fiction: Having HIV means I am going to die. Fact: With today’s HIV medicines, you can have a positive outlook. HIV is a virus, but it can be treated. HIV can be managed as a chronic (ongoing) disease, and people living with HIV can live longer and lead healthier lives.  Fiction: If I don’t feel sick; I don’t need to start HIV treatment. Fact: Just because you do not feel sick does not mean that… Read more

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