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Co-owner and founder of Volttage.com and VolttageBuzz.com

Next Magazine: World AIDS Day 2013: On The Front Lines

I want to thank Next Magazine for putting me on the cover of their World AIDS Day issue!! (December 1st) Interview by Lawrence Ferber Photos by Kevin Thomas Garcia They printed an edited version of my interview HERE.  I am so appreciative but there were a few important items that were omitted due to space so I have published the entire Q and A below. Please give us your age, marital status and tell us where you live. I’m 44,… Read more

Get Involved–Help Yourself By Helping Others

Get Involved: Help Yourself By Helping Others Original article HERE. by Andrew  Clark EDGE Contributor Jack Mackenroth has used the celebrity that came with being the first openly HIV-positive contestant on TV’s “Project Runway” to help HIV service organizations and co-found two HIV-awareness campaigns. He attributes his activism to the inspiration of those came before him. “I know that I am only alive because of members of ACT-UP and other activists so I have to pay it forward,” he told… Read more

Jack on the Instinct Soapbox: HIV stigma needs to end now

VolttageBuzz co-founder Jack Mackenroth was asked to jump on the Instinct magazine Soapbox for their Health and Wellness Issue.

…HIV stigma needs to end now. The quiet judgment within the gay community is often passive but sly and cunning. For a community that has grown up feeling “less than,” we certainly have no trouble segregating within our ranks. So stigma needs to end. Yesterday.

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Volttage Bachelor of the Month – July

Once a month VolttageBuzz will feature one of our “Positively Sexy” Volttage members.

Our very first eligible bachelor is 27 year old Keith Boyer from Houston, Texas. Keith was sweet enough to respond to my brief interview request filled with fun frivolous questions. Find out more about Keith below and if you would like to contact him he is PaganPunkpoet on Volttage.com (Join now! Hint hint) and he is also on Facebook. Happy hunting!

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LIfeBall 2013 Recap: 1001 Arabian Nights

This past Memorial day weekend I attended my first LifeBall in Vienna, Austria. I had heard the legendary stories and seen the amazing photos of previous years but the sheer enormity of the event can only be experienced in person. Lifeball is the largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event and celebration in Europe and the costume ball is the most extravagant production I have ever been a part of. The Saturday party is held in the capital building pictured below and the grandeur of the production can not be overstated. From start to finish it was unbelievable.

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POZ Magazine: The Sound of Stigma by Mark S. King

I LOVE Mark S. King and I respect his unedited, unabashed way in which he addresses all topics HIV. His recent piece on HIV stigma is no exception. Why do we feel the need to judge anything “other”? Some of my favorite quotes from the article are below.  Stigma lets us take comfort in seeing things in others about which, we believe, they must be ashamed. It is a lazy way to feel better about ourselves—and therefore a popular human activity—and gay… Read more

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