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What Stigma Means To Me

Like an onion, there are many layers to HIV-related stigma. Stigma can be internalized to oneself, or it can manifest outward. Like an interstate, stigma can also move in both directions at the same time. Consequences to stigma can impact a person, a relationship, or a community. Like an elevator, stigma can move up and down the age scale. The impact it has can have physical, emotional, and social effects to both HIV- and HIV+ men. It seems to me there is a growing and widening divide between HIV+ and HIV- men. Like an infection, it seems to be only getting worse.

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Generation Gap

I think there is a fine line between outreach and shrill screeching.  I acknowledge that there probably is a generational gap in methodology between “those that came before” and “generation Y” when it comes to HIV advocacy.  Young people (those under 30) with HIV did not grow up with the imagery and horror that was the early days of HIV.  Older people perhaps do not understand how social media can be an important tool in advocacy. But to point fingers… Read more

My World AIDS Day

By Tom Donohue Nine years ago I stood before a group of my peers at Penn State University. It was just 6 weeks after finding out my own positive status. For the first time, I shared with my peers the struggles I’ve had dealing with the news that I was HIV-positive. I wanted to share my emotions and humanize my story to the point they would listen. I wanted to make a difference. Here we are again, on the eve… Read more

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