David Duran is an LGBT focused freelance journalist who frequently contributes to publications such as Out Magazine, The Advocate, The Bay Area reporter and Huffington Post. In addition, he also has a biweekly business column that features successful LGBT entrepreneurs and is currently developing a dating in New York City column that will be published in the UK.

Interview with Olympian Ji Wallace and Shawn Baldwin

Olympic silver medalist Ji Wallace speaks to David Duran of VolttageBuzz. Wallace also took home gold at the 1996 Trampoline World Championships and set a record for the double mini trampoline in 1998. It was as guest of honor at the London Pride House during the 2012 Summer Olympics, while watching a television interview with Louganis, that he was inspired to tell the world that he, too, was HIV-positive.

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I’m Sorry My HIV Offends You

It’s easy to be an ass on mobile dating apps because you can hide behind a cell phone. It’s also easy to get your feelings hurt if you don’t quickly come to terms with the fact that guys online can be vicious. Most men online put it all out there and can be so upfront about what they do and don’t like. Some even go as far as to flat out say, “no fems,” or “no Asians,” or “no fatties.” Apparently, honesty can show how ugly someone truly is on the inside. But what I find most offensive is the treatment of HIV-positive guys who are online looking for most likely the same thing you are. “I’m clean, UB2.” -The most ignorant statement most commonly found online.

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Coming out again: As HIV+

Over the past decade, we have witnessed many celebrities come out of the closet and proclaim their gayness to the world. It’s been a slow process, but little by little, more and more, actors, musicians, TV personalities and sexy news anchors have decided that it was time they come out and show the world that they are just like everyone else, and living mostly normal lives, just like everyone else. Having recognizable faces be open about who they are, helps show the world that LGBT people are public figures, and they are contributing to society, and could have actually been that one actor you admired for so many years in films. So where are our celebrity HIV-positive advocates?

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