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Jack’s Interview on “What’s My Name”

In May 2013, Volttage co-founder Jack Mackintosh was interviewed by Chemda on her weekly show What’s My Name.

Chemda and Jack talk candidly about Jack’s life before Project Runway, the audition process, living with HIV, dating when HIV Positive, and (of course) his involvement with and The discussion included a look into Jack’s life you might not have known about from other interviews.

To show her support of, Chemda has graciously allowed us to post the entire interview here on the site. Take a listen. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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MCC Conference 2013: Gay pastors talk HIV

The online edition of the Windy City Times has a short piece about the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) 25th General Conference in Chicago. “HIV and AIDS: Keeping the Promise and Making the Connections” was one of the panel discussions held on July 5. Rev. Renee McCoy, assistant director of prevention education at Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and other members of the MCC public policy team spoke about the current status of the global fight against HIV/AIDS. “We have to eliminate stigma… Read more

Charlie & Scotty – How an HIV Positive and Negative guy can find love

By Ryan Shea

Love comes in all kinds shapes, sizes, ways and conditions. Yet if you are open, mature and strong enough you can look past what some others can’t and get to know your significant other as the one you love rather than the one that you see with so many red flags. This is the case with my two good friends Scotty Rage and Charlie Harding. I met Charlie a couple of months back at the Black Party Expo here in New York City. It was a quick exchange, but we started talking on Facebook and texting and I truly got to know him and what a fantastic guy he was and is…

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Researcher Reports Two HIV Patients Showing No Signs of Virus

Dr. Timothy Henrich, a medical researcher with Harvard Medical School and Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, announced today that two of his HIV-positive patients showed no trace of the virus after receiving stem-cell transplants. His study and research was supported by amfAR, which issues a press release with additional information: Dr. Timothy Henrich of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston today reported on the case of two HIV-positive patients who show no trace of virus following… Read more

Oregon: Rural Communities Face Unique HIV/AIDS Challenge

In July 2010, the White House developed the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS), a comprehensive HIV/AIDS plan with measurable targets to be met nationally by 2015. The aim of the national program is to reduce the number of new HIV infections, increase access to treatment, and optimize health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS. To find out where we are regarding those goals in Oregon, Jett Johnson sat down with Renee Yandel, a longtime staff member and the program director for… Read more

Disclosure Cases Overturned by Ontario Court

Ontario’s highest court has overturned sex assault convictions in the cases of two HIV-positive men in light of clarified rules on disclosure from the Supreme Court. Both men argued their convictions should be overturned in light of a landmark ruling last year from the Supreme Court of Canada about HIV disclosure. The high court ruled that people with HIV do not have to inform sexual partners of their status as long as they have a low viral load and they wear a… Read more

Sen. Frank Lautenberg Dies At Age 89

Frank R. Lautenberg, New Jersey’s longest-serving U.S. senator, died Monday at 89 of viral pneumonia, his office said. The oldest member of the Senate and its last World War II veteran, Lautenberg had struggled with health problems since late last year, when he missed several weeks of votes because of what he said was flu and bronchitis. Lautenberg was considered one of the Senate’s most liberal members, and was the author of the the Ryan White Care Act, which provides services… Read more

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