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Before we get started… doesn’t allow “anonymous” or “guest” comments. You will be asked for an email address. Before we see a comment for moderation, it goes through some security checks to make sure you are not listed in one of several spam/phishing/malware databases.

Commenting on the Comment Guidelines:

Go for it! It’s kind of meta, but we are open to suggestions. Comments ware open at the end of the page. After reading this, let us know what you think. We are thinking of moving to Disqus. Have you used it? What are your thoughts?

The VolttageBuzz Comment Guidelines:

The goal of the discussion threads on VolttageBuzz is to have useful conversation. One that is constructive, informative, educational, and/or entertaining. Before you add comments, think about how they contribute to the discussion. We think of VolttageBuzz as a community, but you are coming into our space.

VolttageBuzz comments are moderated. Before anything goes on the site we look at it. This might change in the future as the site and community grows. Don’t freak out if your comment does not appear immediately. We will try to be quick with moderation, but we also like to sleep (see “Cooling Down”).

Thing to include in your comments
  • More information about the subject of the post! If you know more about the post than we do, please share!
  • New developments about the subject of a post.
  • Corrections or additional information
  • Constructive criticism moves debate forward in a civil fashion.
Things NOT to include (and will likely not pass moderation)

Some of these things are obvious, but are going to say it so everyone is aware:

  • If saying it to a stranger in the real world might earn you a punch in the nose, don’t say it in your comment.
  • Attitude is contagious. If the majority of your comments are negative, inappropriate, bitchy, or not contributing to the discussion, then we might ask you to take a break from contributing.
  • Calling for harm or violence against another person (or group) will not be tolerated. Even if you are joking. That includes saying you wish people harm via natural means. VolttageBuzz is already going to be controversial. We don’t need to add fuel to the fire of our enemies.
  • Don’t personally insult, bully, threaten, or harass the writers or your fellow commenters. Comments referring to other commenters as “an ass” or “idiots” will likely get deleted. This includes hate group or political associations. For example, calling someone a Nazi/Klan Member/Socialist as a way of insulting them isn’t cool.
  • Technical problems or website issues not related to the topic at hand (use the Contact Us page).
“But how am I supposed to disagree with someone when they are WRONG?”

If you disagree with the opinion of one of the authors, you should still be able to comment in a civil way. If you think they are really wrong, you can offer to write a post as rebuttal. We welcome it. We encourage it. Tell us via the Contact page you are interested in being one of our contributors. Keep in mind your article will be subject to the same comment policy.

Cooling Down and Time Out

If a conversation gets heated, or tempers get out of hand, we might call for Cooling Down period of an entire thread. We might put particular members into Time Out. Because all posts are moderated, late evening is an automatic cooling down period. We do need to sleep.

Stuff that we won’t allow, at all, end of story.
  • Contact information in your comments for the purpose of self-promotion, or the purpose of harassing or publicly exposing the private data of others.
  • Hijacking” comment threads to controversial topics.
  • Flame Baiting (attempting to incite a flame war in a comment thread).
  • Spam comments.
  • Astroturfers will be banned. Astroturfing is taking nearly verbatim talking points from a site or position and trying to pass them off as your own.
  • Sock puppets (duplicate accounts created to sway opinion).
  • AIDS/HIV Denialist propaganda. Links to denialist information. Encouraging people to research it on their own. Nope.
  • Links are allowed in comments as long as they add value to the discussion in the form of information, images, humor, etc.
Links In Comments:
  • It’s OK to link to large information sites (Wikipedia, IMDb), news sites (NY Times, MSNBC, Local News), interesting-stuff sites (Lifehacker, Neatorama), maker sites (Etsy, Make) if they’re relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Links to other LGBT opinion pages and blogs (JoeMyGod, Towleroad, Goodasyou) are fine. We love these sites too. We’d rather you coherently voice your own opinion here.
  • Links to other adult websites will likely be deleted. Keep in mind that we do own one.
Corrections and Attributions:
  • We welcome alerts about typos, incorrect names, factual errors, and the like.
  • We typically do not correct quoted text.
  • Factual errors will be corrected if verifiable documentation is available. The correction is at the discretion of the post editor and may not happen immediately.
  • Requests for credit or attribution may be honored if verifiable documentation is submitted. This modification is at the discretion of the author/editor of the post and may not happen immediately.
Credit where it is due:

This commenting policy is similar to what we found and appreciate on other sites we visit regularly. These sites include,, and others.

It should be noted that the person on staff most opposed to comments in general (Alan) is the person writing the Comment Guidelines. Even when the VolttageBuzz staff disagree we manage to find common ground.

Go ahead! Comment Away!

Before responding, please make sure to check out our Comment Guidelines.

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