About Us

VolttageBuzz.com is a site for anyone who is wanting more information, resources or a place to learn more about HIV. Although it’s geared towards gay/bi men, we are all inclusive as long as visitors are 100% stigma free.

Discrimination against people who are HIV-positive is real, even among members of the LGBT community. VolttageBuzz is a stigma-free space.

VolttageBuzz is not a porn site. If anything it should be considered PG-13.

What about that other Volttage site?

So you know, the owners of VolttageBuzz.com also operate a gay/bi adult dating site called Volttage.com. The two are complimentary, but separate websites. Volttage.com operates under its own (much more specific and strict) Terms of Service. The two sites have separate criteria for membership.

Volttage.com is for gay/bi adult men who are HIV-Positive or HIV-freindly, stigma free, and looking to connect. VolttageBuzz on the other hand, is informational

Two sites? That seems complicated.

Tell us about it! Having two sites is complicated, but we wanted to share information with a wider audience. For a lot of reasons, having a second site is the best way to do that, while still letting the dating site grow and improve it its own way.

How can I contribute? How can I help?

If you would like to contribute to VolttageBuzz, or have a suggestion about a post, visit the Contact page. If you want to help the site be a success, please visit and support our advertisers.

What about privacy?

We have a Terms of Service page that you should visit, which includes our Privacy Policy.


July 10, 2013