Jack’s Interview on “What’s My Name”

In May 2013, Jack Mackenroth was interviewed by the lovely and talented Chemda during her weekly show What’s My Name

Chemda and Jack talk candidly about Jack’s life before Project Runway, the audition process, living with HIV, dating when HIV Positive, and (of course) his involvement with Volttage.com and VolttageBuzz.com. The discussion included a look into Jack’s life you might not have known about from other interviews.

Project Runway Season 4

Project Runway Season 4

To show her support of VolttageBuzz.com, Chemda has graciously allowed us to post the entire interview here on the site. Take a listen. Let us know in the comments what you think.

42: Dating with HIV – What’s My Name

There are some interesting (and complimentary) reactions at the  What’s My Name forum. One stands out:

…I have to admit that he shed so much light on the situation and informed me on so much that I wasn’t aware of that I changed my opinion on marrying someone with HIV within a matter of hours. Awesome interview all around.

Chemda Photo by Jerome Charles

Photo by Jerome Charles

About Chemda

Chemda was born in Israel and has lived in New York City since she was 4 years old. She currently lives in Queens with her girlfriend, actor Lauren Hennessy. She is a talk show host, writer and singer.

Chemda hosts the What’s My Name show, a themed talk show.  She also cohosts as ‘The Girl’ of Keith and The Girl (KATG), a daily, award-winning comedy talk show with comedian Keith Malley. Chemda’s first published book, What Do We Do Now, was released March, 2010 and went into its second printing within one week of its release. Written with KATG co-host Keith Malley, the book offers comedic yet sincere relationship advice. The book can be found anywhere books are sold.

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Note about the “Swiss Study”

During the interview, Jack mentions a 2008 Swiss study about HIV transmission when individuals have undetectable viral loads (aka the “Swiss Statement”). Information about the original study is available at AIDSMAP.com. A followup study focusing on heterosexual women was published by NATAP.org. A 2012 study published in HIV Medicine discusses who fits the criteria of the “Swiss Statement.” 

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