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BRAKING AIDS® Ride Update: HIV Activist, Jack Mackenroth Raises $47,555 for HIV/AIDS. Sets Individual Fundraising Record

#TheMackPack, a Breakout 19-Person Cycling Team Debuts,  Raises $128,700 For Housing Works   NEW YORK, NY (Sept 24, 2014)–Two months ago Jack Mackenroth, a well-known HIV activist and novice cyclist, committed to BRAKING AIDS® Ride, a 3-day 300 mile bike ride from Boston to New York to benefit Housing Works in NYC.  As a lifelong athlete Jack had faith that with the right training and equipment the ride would be extremely challenging but doable. The fundraising piece was a different… Read more

Can An Activist Inspire a Social Media Army To Fundraise For HIV?

Jack Mackenroth Pledges to Raise $50,000 for BRAKING AIDS® Ride With Sexy Selfies and Heartfelt Videos DONATIONS OF $100 OR MORE ARE ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE TO WIN THS $1500 DOLLAR MARTONE BIKE! NEW YORK, NY (July 31, 2014) – Former Project Runway designer turned HIV activist, Jack Mackenroth is attempting a feat that many individuals and companies are struggling to conquer – mobilizing and monetizing a massive social media following for the greater good. Known on social media for… Read more



It breaks my heart that the worst of HIV stigma comes from my own community: gay men. Here are salvos from a new battle: Calling a young, HIV-negative gay man a “Truvada whore” simply for choosing a prevention option with a higher efficacy rate than condoms. Becoming indignant when someone says AIDS is still a gay problem. Turning to the police when you find out the guy that just jilted you is HIV-positive. Putting “I’m clean, ub2″ in your online… Read more

“OPEN” short film (NSFW) on HIV; So hot!

Impulse Group and The Advisorie release new short film following up last years short, “Knowing” and keeps it NSFW hot!

Impulse Group and The Advisorie presents “Open”, an artistic and educational follow up to last year’s piece called “Knowing”.  The short further explores the nuance of a sexually active, sero-discordant couple during moments of decision, revelation, frustration and most of all love.


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Next Magazine: World AIDS Day 2013: On The Front Lines

I want to thank Next Magazine for putting me on the cover of their World AIDS Day issue!! (December 1st) Interview by Lawrence Ferber Photos by Kevin Thomas Garcia They printed an edited version of my interview HERE.  I am so appreciative but there were a few important items that were omitted due to space so I have published the entire Q and A below. Please give us your age, marital status and tell us where you live. I’m 44,… Read more

Get Involved–Help Yourself By Helping Others

Get Involved: Help Yourself By Helping Others Original article HERE. by Andrew  Clark EDGE Contributor Jack Mackenroth has used the celebrity that came with being the first openly HIV-positive contestant on TV’s “Project Runway” to help HIV service organizations and co-found two HIV-awareness campaigns. He attributes his activism to the inspiration of those came before him. “I know that I am only alive because of members of ACT-UP and other activists so I have to pay it forward,” he told… Read more

Volttage Bachelor of the Month for August – Jud Brown

Once a month VolttageBuzz features one of our “Positively Sexy” Volttage members.

Our Volttage Bachelor for August is 33 year old Jud Brown of Washington DC.

Find out more about Jud below. If you would like to contact him, he is “Outlooker” on Volttage.com (Join now! Hint hint) and  is also on Facebook. Happy hunting!!!

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What my Mother Taught Me About HIV and Didn’t Even Know

It’s interesting the ways in which one’s whole world can flip on its head because of three letters—HIV– almost as interesting as the way we can let those three letters hold us hostage from time to time. Before my seroconversion at the age of 24, the virus was admittedly relegated, regretfully, to the public sphere of whispered gossip between overpriced cocktails with friends, conjecturing about rumors we’d heard about those who bore the stigma of the dreaded plus sign. The… Read more


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